SENSOR DDS® leak location systems in water industry

In the water industry there is many applications for SENSOR DDS® leak detection & location systems.

Dirty water:

  • Covered Anaerobic Lagoons
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Waste thickeners
  • Storm tanks

Clean water:

  • Service reservoirs / Potable Water Storage Tanks
  • Lakes / Impounding Reservoirs
  • Chemical Free Water Treatment Lagoons

For special requirements in potable water industry we have developed a system design which meets all high standards required in this industry. We call it SENSORLINE®

Sensorline® is a potable water system that is Regulation 31 Approved for contact with potable water, the use of Sensorline® enables the detection and location of leaks from potable water storage facilities. Sensorline® is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.75mm to 2,5mm and comes in smooth or non-slip finishes.

In addition to potable water storage applications Sensorline® can be deployed for the protection of raw water storage facilities such as impounding reservoirs and lakes due to its wide roll format that serves to increase the speed of installation by minimising site welding.

Sensorline® rolls can be cut down to any required width dimension for use on smaller sites where handling of large rolls is inappropriate or where the rolls must be manoeuvred into storage tanks for deployment.

Non-slip versions of Sensorline® can be deployed on the floors of potable water tanks to prevent slips and falls of maintenance operatives during cleaning operations.

Sensorline® is a tough material that is highly resistant to punctures which allows surfaces lined with Sensorline® to be cleaned using high pressure water jets without fear of damaging the liner.

CAL Lagoon in England –

General project info:

  • Industrial waste from manufacturing facility
  • Area of 20 000m²
  • SENSOR DDS® RMS 24/7 monitoring installed with Sensorline®
  • Sensor grid 5x5m (leak resolution cca 25m²)
  • 800 sensors and 78 km of cable used
  • Double lining system Sensorline® 1.00mm

CAL lagoons are specifically designed to control odours and must satisfy a number of design criteria like for example:

  • stop rainfall to the lagoon
  • eliminate effect of the wind
  • ability to de-gas covered lagoon
  • eliminate accumulation of scum, fats, oils and grease under the cover
  • Prevent leakage

At this lagoon we have applied our standard SZLP (Sensor Zero Leakage Philosophy) which means that apart from permanent leak monitoring system installation we have been monitoring lagoon construction and filling up consisting of:

  • SENSOR DDS® FIXED – buried components installation in grid of 5x5m
  • SENSOR DDS® MIT – survey of both layers of geomembranes after their installation to locate any pinholes made during installation or transport of geomembrane
  • Both geomembranes were monitored 24/7 during lagoon filling up process and during operations using SENSOR DDS® RMS

SENSOR DDS® RMS installed on site has following features:

  • Online remote connectivity
  • 24/7 geomembrane monitoring
  • Live alerts by SMS/Email
  • Full access via Sensor Cloud
  • Rapid resolution of leaks
  • Security camera
  • Weather station
  • 10″ full HD touch display
  • 12 months events list
  • Battery backup for 3 days

SENSOR DDS® RMS control touch screen

During lagoon filing process our system detected a leak and automatically triggered an alarm and informed the client about the leak in the secondary geomembrane. Precise location of the leak was reported to the client within 48 hours. It turned out it was a client’s test hole.

Since installation in 2018 SENSOR DDS® RMS leak detection & location system monitors the lagoon 24/7.

Sensor zero leak philosophy can be applied to water reservoirs, lakes, lagoons and other industrial and non-industrial water storage ponds

Industrial lagoon before filling up.

Storm water pond tested with Arc Tester SENSOR DDS® MIT.

Storm water pond tested with Arc Tester SENSOR DDS® MIT.

Storm water pond tested with Arc Tester SENSOR DDS® MIT.