Caustic bladders are ponds that contain chemicals that are corrosive and could cause significant damage to the ground should they leak. Caustic bladders are used to store chemicals and is where mined rocks are mixed with chemicals to dissolve the rocks into residue ready for metal extraction. The cost of a leak in a caustic bladder can be extremely high due to the loss of chemicals, residue and fines for damage to the environment.

Caustic bladders often have retractable roofs highlighting the need for a stable and monitored environment.

Sensor DDS RMS and CMS systems are perfect for monitoring the bladder for leaks and raising the alarm to ensure in the event of a leak that the response is as effective as possible. Our technologies are resistant to the chemicals contained in the caustic bladders allowing our standard 30 year warranty on products stored below the ground. Our systems allow for temperature and liquid levels to be controlled ensuring a stable environment for volatile chemicals.