Sensor CMS (Continuous Monitoring System) is the most sophisticated version of Sensor's online systems. This fully automated approach enables the client to be completely independent from the system supplier.

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Sensor CMS was developed (holding worldwide granted patent status) with a focus on 24/7 real time monitoring with fully automated precision damage location. There is no manual intervention necessary CMS will simply report the existence and position of damage immediately.

Sensor CMS consists of two main parts: the robust field components called Sensor Tiles (zonal sheet sensors), which can be exposed to local environmental conditions such as extreme weather and hazardous chemicals; and the control panel, which can be located within a site building, or in a kiosk.

Sensor tiles are usually installed between two layers of geomembrane (HDPE, PVC, bituminous, etc.) and divides the site into discrete 'tile' sections which are monitored 24/7. In the event of a leak, the system automatically and instantaneously warns the client via IOT/SCADA/SMS/Email which tile contains the leak. It also triggers local audio-visual alarm on-site. All system components are manufactured in according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

On very large sites, a network installation approach can be adopted, consisting of a master control unit (MCU) along with a series of local slave units (LSU) at different locations around the facility. Sensor CMS systems can be connected as a group to the 'Sensor Cloud' where they can save data and site records and receive software updates automatically.

Sensor DDS® CMS can be configured in a way to fit specific client's requirements regarding the size of the tile sensors (usually 5x5m or 4x4m) can be configured for greater resolution (smaller tiles equals greater accuracy but at greater cost). In addition system hardware configurations can be adjusted to suit client requirements (e.g. display size, local siren, CCTV, level sensors, environmental sensors, strain sensors - if you have measurable criteria we have a way to do it).

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