Sensor are launching a new branch to the company called Sensor Ai. This innovative new strategy will allow surveying and surveillance to hit new levels, using the latest technology and our many years of knowledge in the field.

Sensor iNSite Surveillance

Sensor are now providing a security surveillance system which includes body cameras for security guards, as well as a high definition CCTV system, allowing complete control over the site.

The benefits for this technology are:

First person view of security footage

Remote imaging for long distance work

Allow control of a site from off site

High quality security footage

Adjustable coverage of a site

Coverage of a large area

Sensor iNSite Survey

Sensor now has trained pilots to fly drones using high quality cameras sensor will use the drones to survey areas the previously seemed impossible. Sensor will have a variety of high definition cameras including a thermal imaging camera.

This will allow surveys:

- Inside Water tanks

- Inside other holding tanks

- Structure of buildings

- Rooftops

- Large scale areas

- Solar panels

The benefits of using a drone:

- Safer (Eliminates most human risks)

- Cheaper

- See areas not previously accessible

- Quicker

- Less human power required

To enquire about any of these technologies simply email or call us on 01253 794400