Mobile leak detection survey sensors

Sensor DDS® Mobile technology is designed to inspect the integrity of covered membranes / liners / asphalt irrespective of covering type (e.g. liquids, soil, gravel, concrete etc...).

Waterproofing methods such as asphalt or plastic liners are often covered with a variety of materials following their installation in many different applications. It is a paradox that these coverings are often placed as a 'protection' to geomembranes because it their placement that is the predominant cause of damage.

In this version of Sensor DDS® technology no permanent components are installed on site, electrical sources are temporarily placed near the area to be tested and the sensors are carried to each grid location where measurements are taken.

Dipole leak location

Experience is critical. Technicians must differentiate between environmental / geological influences and anomalies that are as a result of damage.

All Sensor technicians are highly experienced and backed by Sensor's 30-years of accumulated know-how.

The use of Sensor DDS® Mobile is limited by the thickness of covering above the liner, which must be no greater than 600-900mm and also by the practicalities of perimeter isolation where the signal must be contained in the test zone rather than being permitted to flow to earth. Where the liner is submerged (water / toxic liquor) the operable depth is unlimited, subject to safe access!

Advantages of Walk Over Dipole Leak Location Surveys:

  • Cost effective
  • No upfront cost
  • Additional Quality Control
  • Electronic verification of integrity.
  • Dipole electric leak location method
  • Technology designed for testing covered liners
  • No permanent components are installed on site
  • Technicians experienced - crucial highly skilled service
  • Covering over geomembrane must be less than 900mm
  • Operable depth unlimited in submerged liners
  • Fast up to 5000m² surveyed per day per man
  • Works with versatile range of covering materials:
    • concrete
    • water (or other liquid)
    • gravel
    • soil
    • clay
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