Green roofs on buildings are roofs that are completely covered with vegetation. In the event of a leak in its sealing system, it's technically very difficult or in some cases even impossible to locate and repair the leakage. For that reason we developed a Sensor DDS® system which is permanently implemented into the roof design.

Solution for flat roofs – SENSOR DDS® technology

The most used and effective way of testing the liner integrity on green roofs is to survey using SENSOR DDS® technology. The technology is based on the distribution of geoelectrical field below and above the liner. Sensor has developed the Sensor leak detection geotextile which is installed below the PVC, TPO, Bituminous or other non-conductive geomembrane. It is a direct replacement of standard geotextile so no additional installation is needed.

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Sensor leak detection geotextile is installed as standard geotextile with overlap of minimum 100mm.

After installation of geomembrane we test its integrity using SENSOR DDS® MIT portable Arc Testing device. In this step we have eliminated every pinhole found on flat area or corners.

As a next step a drainage gravel layer is carefully installed on top of the tested roof liner. Final test of geomembrane integrity was completed using our SENSOR DDS® Mobile dipole testing kit which identifies small damage made by sharp stone when placing overliner.

Green roof 2

Where permanent 24/7 monitoring of the roof waterproofing is required we install SENSOR DDS® RFM system. This sophisticated Sensor system consists of buried components called Sensor tiles which divide the monitoring area into sectors. Each sector is monitored permanently in real time what can be seen on the touch screen of control panel inside the building.

In event of a leak system automatically triggers an alarm and informs the client via SMS/Email. The identified sector is displayed also on the Sensor control panel’s screen. Precise localisation of the leak within the detected sector is made using Sensor’s dipole system SENSOR DDS® Mobile or SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester.

Green roof 3

Examples of detected damage on green roofs using SENSOR DDS® technology

SENSOR DDS® leak detection & location systems can be applied on any green roof.

Customisable Sensor tile system for green roof offers desired flexibility in leak location resolution.

One SENSOR DDS® control panel can monitor multiple green roofs.

Permanent or one-time waterproofing test for leaks on green roofs.