Leaking swimming pools is a common problem. When your swimming pool has a leak it means you firstly, lose money as the water needs to be added frequently plus extra cost for the chemicals you need to continuously add to new tapped water. Secondly and more importantly you are continuously polluting the groundwater when chemically treated water from your pool leaks to the ground.

Swimming pools should be a place of relaxation and fun but leaks in swimming pool can be very frustrating, because its very hard to find the leak visually. Therefore for leak detection in swimming pools we use our SENSOR DDS® technology either when the pool is empty or full of water.

Using this technology we will locate the leak in swimming pool for you.

Swimming pool leak detection –
SENSOR DDS® technology

Before filling up the swimming pool with water you should always check the integrity of your pool using our portable SENSOR DDS® MIT device. It's a very quick method and the results are known immediately. This way you don’t risk any surprising leaks after you fully fill the pool with water.

SENSOR DDS® MIT portable Arc Testing device

This is used when the swimming pool is empty, clean and dry. It works with any type and thickness of waterproofing liner (PVC, TPO or liquid waterproofing for swimming pools).

At this stage before filling up the pool with water we can find even pinholes in waterproofing, which when under the pressure of water can result in leakage of hundreds of litres per day.